Precompiled OpenGL X-terminal binary???

  • Shaun Patson

    Shaun Patson - 2005-08-21

    Hi... I was just wondering if there is a precompiled x-terminal binary which includes OpenGL support... as someone already mentioned that you can even get OpenGL with an X-terminal.

    If anyone knows one... maybe an OpenGL wiki under (A nice place to put it if you make one.)

    The only ones I've seen are $125 (or $59 for the student license) and well... I've never paid that much for any software and I never will (until I require it for a job). I only have windows because it came with my computer, same with my expensive games (one came with my video card).

    • Shaun Patson

      Shaun Patson - 2005-08-21
      Hmm... installing colinux for linux and Cygwin for the X-terminal with OpenGL support... I have a plan!! Wohoo!

      • Dr Bill C Riemers

        That would be an X-Server, not an X-Terminal.  An X-Terminal is a dedicated peice of hardware running an X-Server for hosting X11 sessions.  Some people use old PC's as an X-Terminal, but they also come as standalone devices with no operating system.

        In anycase, it sounds like an X-Server is exactly what you need.  I have had problems with some OpenGL programs and Cygwin, but those problems may have been resolved in newer releases.


    • Shaun Patson

      Shaun Patson - 2005-08-31

      Me (the starter of this thread/shaun) here. An X-Terminal is a dedicated peice of hardware running an X-Server for hosting X11 sessions.
      Um... issue... An x terminal is a dedicated piece of hardware running an X-server... the same machine... Ack! I've seen that exact definition used other places and it's starting to give me a headache.

      The thing is that the OpenGL calls MUST be made on the machine that's doing the displaying... eg. the machine with the monitor connected. (A person tested this by running GLXgears [displayed on his mac] by logging into a p266 without a display. While (if I understand it correctly) the remote system... the one without a display... does the processor calculations, provides database access, etc. The machine with the display does the GL calls. so?

      A: GLX calls, display system, mouse, keyboard, etc... is the client. (or else they've been switched.) And should also be an X-terminal (as terminals are display units that don't do processing)

      B: Processor, Hard-drive, etc... X-server.

      Okay... the only issue here is the previous definition...
      Wikipedia: Terminal - See computer console. Reads like a display to me... Sounds like it should be the client.

      Client: Computer Science. A computer or program that can download files for manipulation, run applications, or request application-based services from a file server.
      Terminal: Computer Science. A device, often equipped with a keyboard and a video display, through which data or information can be entered or displayed.

      So I have it that the X-terminal or client makes openGL calls and connects to an X-server. An x-server enables a remote user to use it's resources.

      I realize this is fairly ling but I just read a multi-page rant on this at and I need everything to make sense in my perfect little world. If anyone would like to explain how I'm wrong... please do so... If I am in fact wrong I'll eventually prove it anyway... but it'd save me tons of work for someone else to do it.

    • Shaun Patson

      Shaun Patson - 2005-08-31

      Server: Server (added for completeness)

      n. A kind of daemon that performs a service for the
      requester and which often runs on a computer other than the one on which the server runs. A particularly common term on the Internet, which is rife with `web servers', `name servers', `domain servers', `news servers', `finger servers', and the like.

      All definitions and their related copyrights can be found at

    • Shaun Patson

      Shaun Patson - 2005-08-31 um... migraine! So Terminal... Server... c.c Please shoot me. Wait says that they download the x-server software from the host. It works because a single x-server displays and hosts multiple 'client' applications each of which is displayed once. So can I run an x-client app from pc-a, run another one from comp b, and run a third from comp c?

    • FurYy

      FurYy - 2006-01-05

      Happy New Year!!!

      If it's any help, has some good OpenGL support (though might not complete), lets play ppracer and glxgears shows up nicely. Run it as xming :0 -ac -engine 4 (or 2, check wiki) if opengl stuff throw some exceptions.


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