Announce: coLinux - Cygwin Tools Version 0.1

  • Dr Bill C Riemers

    One of the advantages of coLinux is because it runs from Windows, it should be possible to interact with it from cygwin.

    I wanted a way to install Linux distributions using the coLinux kernel using the base install cdroms or tarballs.  There shouldn't be the need to download anything much larger than a boot floppy to install coLinux, create filesystems and swap files.

    With these goals in mind, I have create a package I call cygwin tools.  The download is only 1.4MB or so.  To use it you will have need to first install the coLinux install package.  (I used 0.6), and at least the base cygwin system.

    More information is available at:


    My hope is after some feedback, this will be stable enough to go the next step which is to create a cygwin install package that include both coLinux and the coLinux cygwin tools.


    Dr. Bill C. Riemers

    • Øyvind Harboe

      Øyvind Harboe - 2004-05-09

      I'd like to run KNOPPIX under coLinux, and I get the impression that this package has the bits I need to set it up.

      Any chance of a small additional chapter in the README outlining the steps going from KNOPPIX CD/.iso image to a running coLinux distribution?

      Surprising but not important: why the .exe extension to a .zip file? (colinux-cygwin-tools-0_1.exe)

      yvind Harboe

      • Dr Bill C Riemers

        Generally, when I prepare windows archives, I use self extracting executables.   Hense the *.exe extensions.  The instructions specify to use "unzip" because I feel that is safer.

        I hadn't planned on the possability of loading modules.  So with the 0.1 version the first thing that will be needed is to add modprobe to the ramdisk.tar.  I will try adding that and the cloop.o modules and see how far I can get with KNOPPIX.



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