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Why is X so slow?

  • Rainer Koschnick


    does anyone know why X windows seems to be so slow?  I think it should really fly if you are using a local X server in windows.  At least that is my experience with running a Linux distribution under VMWare.  My machine isn't that slow and there is barely any CPU usage when the X server is doing it's job (between 10-15%) so I don't know what is going on.

    I am using an Athlon XP 3200+ and X is barely usable.  At least compared to running remote applications on my other 450MhZ machine.

    Any ideas?  Could it be a TAP driver bandwidth problem?


    • Anonymous

      Anonymous - 2004-04-12

      I suspect the problem may be with the Win-TAP network interface. I did a simple test by using plink to connect to the chargen port on the colinux machine and re-directing the output to nul i.e.:

      plink -raw -P 19 colinux > nul

      When I watch the Win-TAP network connection I see a maximum throughput of 20 megabits.

    • Roman

      Roman - 2004-04-13

      I've seen the same performance using scp and ftp.
      Than using iperf, i've found the performance in about 1.33mbps.

    • Rainer Koschnick

      Makes me wonder whether it would be possible to use anything else (instead of TAP).  Hmmm.

    • Lale

      Lale - 2004-04-20

      I noticed my tap-win32 network connection displays
      "Connected at 10Mbs". Is that a default setting. Can it be changed to 100Mbs or 1000Mbs ?

    • Anonymous

      Anonymous - 2004-04-22

      Yes, i found this "Connected at 10Mbs" strange ...

      I have a pIII 800mhz.
      Next weeks i ill buy a new portable. My question is: someone is using kde in colinux on a p4 2.8 or 3ghz cpu ?
      What you can say about colinux+xwindow perfomance ?



      • Lale

        Lale - 2004-04-22

        I tried to use it on a P4 3GHz. It's very slow. I use fluxbox now.

    • Martin Kanich

      Martin Kanich - 2004-04-26

      It's obvious, that bridget networking would be better. but i'm not sure, if that is a secure way :-)
      the other issue with bridged network (i didn't run any bench till yet) is that i can connect to al hosts but not the local machine. so we all need an "loopback" device. there could be much more performance to win.

    • Dr Bill C Riemers

      A slow network connection would not adiquately explain slow X11.  If your X11 settings are properly configured you can get acceptable X11 connections over a modem...

      I just benchmarked to see what kind of throughput I get from my colinux machine, and found the speed is about 24MBs with a ping time of 6ms.  This certainly is not slow by network standards.  But then again, X11 does not seem much slower than booting Linux natively.



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