Recommendations for porting Linspire

  • Olivier Gautherot

    Hi folks!

    I tried coLinux on an office PC and was impressed. Good work guys!

    I am now considering installing it on a laptop for email (my wife uses Outlook Express but I prefer Kmail - as a Linux/FreeBSD user). I was thinking of installing Linspire on the laptop: any recommendation regarding the necessary port? It is based on Debian.

    Thanks in advance

    • George P Boutwell

        Xandros is based on debian, too...  And Xandros might be closer to Linuspire than Debian is to Linspire (I'm not sure.)
      Anyways, if it's closer to Xandros, then I haven't gotten the v3 of Xandros to work under coLinux yet.  It goes into an endless loop booting init, failing to boot, then starting init again.

        Is shouldn't be too hard to give it a whirl, If it's close to Debian than Xandros is, then it should be pretty straight forward.



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