colinux and X86_64

  • kav5

    kav5 - 2005-03-02


    Is it possible to execute colinux and Fedora Core for x86_64? (AMD64)

    Is it limitation of Windows 32bit API?

    I do not find any information about porting of colinux to x86_64. Is there anybody work on the problem?

    Best regards,

    • Stuart Turner

      Stuart Turner - 2005-03-02

      It is possible when running a 32-bit version of windows, which runs natively on AMD64.  As such, it is no different than any other 32-bit processor.  CoLinux will not run on a 64-bit version of windows, and will not be able to without significant work.  You cannot load a 32-bit driver on the 64-bit Windows, so at least a recompile is necessary, but I would imagine significantly more work is necessary.  The memory layout in Win64 is different from Win32, as well as register preservation, entry into both 32-bit and 64-bit linux, etc.  Just my $0.02, because I don't know for sure.

    • George P Boutwell

      No one is working on this at the moment as none of the active developers on the project have any access to an x86_64 box.

    • Jandoc, Inc

      Jandoc, Inc - 2005-03-13

      I have Win2K 32-bit installed on an AMD64 box.
      I have Gentoo 64-bit for AMD64 installed on the same box, different hard drive.
      I can dual boot either Win2K (32) or Gentoo (64).
      I can run a Gentoo 32-bit image on coLinux under Win2K.

      Is it possible to build a set of CoLinux daemons that will run under 32-bit Win2K but *support* the 64-bit Gentoo?

      Thanks to all the developers.  This is an amazing accomplishment.

      • Stuart Turner

        Stuart Turner - 2005-03-13

        no, that would not be possible.  to support the 64-bit linux, i believe you would have to have a 64-bit windows to start, and coLinux has not supported that yet.  i believe the 64-bit version of coLinux would require much effort to patch the 32-bit, but that would depend on the differences in how windows and linux use various elements of the cpu differently than on the 32-bit processor.

    • Anonymous - 2005-08-25

      I do not know anything about the internals of colinux. Yet I would like to ask :

      If colinux ( 32 bit version ) is run on Windows XP 64bit it should run in 32bit compability mode. Yet the cpu would run in native 64bit mode. Due to this I think it could be possible to run a colinux patched kernel built for amd64 architecture because the cpu itself runs in 64bit mode. Maybe the fact that colinux itself is run in 32bit compability mode doesn't matter because the cpu itself still is in 64bit mode and is thus able to run a 64bit kernel ?

    • Devport

      Devport - 2005-08-28

      I have now tried to build an AMD64 kernel. But the colinux kernel patch needs to be ported to this arch ( timer and mm code ). If someone with kernel internal knowledge ( amd64 timers and memory managment during init ) plans to do it I offer my support.


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