Keyboard problem

  • Michael Schmid

    Michael Schmid - 2009-06-22


    I'm using coLinux under Windows XP.

    My Problem is, that everytime I use shift, the character pressed at the same time (for upper case) is like repressed infinite. So if if write for example while() it writes :while()))))))))))))))))))))))))))....

    Is this a known Problem/Bug?

    I don't have the coLinux installation available right know, so I can't tell you what version it is. Also the workstation I don't know exactly right now. It is a mordern Dell workstation.
    I can tell you later what it is, if important to solve the problem!


    • Michael Schmid

      Michael Schmid - 2009-06-23


      I have:

      - coLinux 0.7.3
      - XP SP3
      - Dell Optiplex 760

    • Michael Schmid

      Michael Schmid - 2009-07-02

      I took another VNC-Viewer (UltraVNC) and now it works (almost) perfect. Before I used vncviewer...


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