Does CoLinux supports Windows NT ?

  • Mickey

    Mickey - 2006-10-23

    I am a newbee to clustering.
    Here is wht am planning to Build a Cluster using Linux As Master and windows NT as slave. Being on the intial stage now.
    Somewhere I read Co liux(on linux machine) does not support windows NT is it true ?

    • Dr Bill C Riemers


      I do not know what you mean by Master and Slave.  coLinux is always run as a "guest" OS.  Either Windows or Linux may be used as the host OS.  Most people use Windows XP as the "host" OS, but you can use Window NT.

      For clustering, I would not recommend using "coLinux".  Rather you want Linux to be the "host" OS.  If you want Windows NT as a guest, you need to look at virtual machine solutions.  Most enterprise environments use VMWARE, but if you are a budget there are other solutions available.  If you have no budget available, then you might try using qemu.



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