Fedora Core 6 image

  • Dr Bill C Riemers

    I have place a winrar self extracting file with a FedoraCore6 image at:
    You can extract the files either by running the executable or with WinRAR.
    (I had to use WinRAR, because ZIP does not support very large files.)

    The FedoraCore6 image is 4GB.  I also included in the archive a 512MB swap.

    I configured Fedora to start Xvnc instead of Xorg.  So you connect to the virtual host with VNC.  After logging in I recommend running "Add/Remove Programs" from the application menu.

    I only tested the image with coLinux 0.6.4.  However, I see no reason why it won't work with later kernels, provided any necessary modules are copied over.

    The download size is just under 300MB.  However, this is 300MB's you won't need to download again when you add the rest of the packages you want.

    Please provide me feedback.  If the image is OK, I can add to the sourceforge site later.



    • Dr Bill C Riemers

      I updated the image to:


      I added a few more GNOME packages, so the desktop is not completely useless without first running Add/Remove programs.  I also added the kernel modules for coLinux 0.7.1.

      I have tried this image with both:
        coLinux 0.7.1
        coLinux 0.6.4

      I would expect it to work with 0.8.0 if the kernel modules were added, but since that is currently a moving target I did not include the 0.8.0 modules.



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