COFB0 Error on WinXPhome Boot

  • pssypopperNmBr1

    pssypopperNmBr1 - 2006-06-24

    I have my colinux set up properly, with the write code and all that, yet upon boot I exceed memory available.....
    specifically, the memory is exceeded and thus the journal aborts and the kernel panics. I have seen multiple threads similar to mine, however my issue is that I am unable to read into Cofb0 where the memory is exceeded by about two zeroes....
    I can provide all of my code since I sync with NetConns in WinXP and my monitor will attach up to the login port. There is <none> on "unknown...." Linux =======> in other words, there is no user name to use and the kernel panics from the memory limit... How can I fix this? please respond/ or email me at
    I appreciate any help..

    • pssypopperNmBr1

      pssypopperNmBr1 - 2006-07-03

      I did mean the Cobd0 (not cofb0).... the problem I have specifically is in denoting a correct hdd partition in the xml settings. My problem has been repeated numerous times throughout this forum with little solutions. I believe the problem with the kjournal abort call from REISERFS has to do with an incorrectly pointed partition. Many people have had this problem where there is an attempt to access beyond the range of the drive (want=k available=l) and then the Linux console boots down. While searching the site and this forum, I am unable to clearly see any directions on how to use the *logical file system access, or (forgive my incorrectness) the tool that lets Windows (or other) interpret the disc image since it is protected by the host OS.

      So in other words, how to I find the right way to add my personal hard drive partition into the xml file? First I need to find the correct name (I have read that help page....) and add it, but this is not working or working easily.

      Anybody who was able to LOGIN to an unknown domain where 'can't find /etc/fstab' is shown in the Linux console please let me know how to fix this!!!

      I am no noob to this, my setup is correct up to this point. I only get this error at boot and it fails when the journal starts (and then aborts) since /etc/fstab cannot be found on the drive (which I cannot figure out how to include)

      any help is appreciated.. thanks

    • pssypopperNmBr1

      pssypopperNmBr1 - 2006-07-08

      I do not have my colinux laptop online, so I am using another comp to post this (I don't have the exact error messages) but my problem is one that seems to be a common one on these forums.

      the problem starts at this:
      ReiserFS: cobd0: warning sh-2021: reiserfs_fill_super: can't find reiserfs on cobd0
      ext3-fs warning <device cobd0>: ext3_clear_journal_err: Marking fs in need of filesystem check

      how do i know the right name of my partition and how do i get the cobd0 pointing correctly?



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