Seamless integration of coLinux

  • Lorenz Schallinger


    for the start : I love coLinux, it's exactly what I've searched for. Thanks for this lovely piece of software. It's leightweight, stable and miles more efficient than using VMWare.

    Today I saw the new 0.61 release with the superb option to run coLinux as a Windows service - this was what I've been waiting for. It took me a little bit of time but now I think I've got a nearly seamless integration of coLinux with Windows.

    Here are some screenshots.

    Screenshot 1 :

    I've got 2 desktop icons which start and stop the coLinux ahead with the Cygwin XWin server (two simple batch files).

    Screenshot 2 :

    When I double-click on the "start coLinux"-Icon, the coLinux-service gets started and also XWin and you get the gdm login window

    Screenshot 3 :

    I've configured xfce4 and Cygwin X to run "rootless", you see the xfce4 panel and two Mozilla windows. The left one is Mozilla running on Windows XP, the right one is Mozilla Firefox running inside coLinux - there's really no big difference (since I also used the XP theme of xfce4)

    And when you want to exit coLinux, you simply double-click the "stop coLinux"-icon ;))


    • Ben

      Ben - 2004-06-07

      I have been waiting for coLinux to come out with a "brain-dead" installer for windows. However what you have written looks very interesting.

      (Looks like it wouldn't be too difficult to make a such an installer from the screenshots you've shown!)

      It would be great if you could tell us more about your installation and what you have written in the batch files.



    • Ben

      Ben - 2004-07-05

      I had a bit of time on my hands so I decided to install colinux. All went well, without any major problems....

      This is a great piece of code.


    • user222

      user222 - 2004-10-11



    • user222

      user222 - 2004-10-12


      • Olivier Gautherot

        Go to the wiki page. It is all described there.

        • Michael Crump

          Michael Crump - 2004-11-04

          I have not been able to find a single complete howto that clearly describes the steps necessary to get the setup pictured and described by schlenz on the wiki.  Is there such a howto and if so could someone please post the link here?


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