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Does CoLinux have some IKC mechanism?

Tong Ji
  • Tong Ji

    Tong Ji - 2009-07-06

    hi, all
        Recently when I use CoLinux to setup a development on Windows, I meet an issue: could the program run on CoLinux launch the applications on Windows? This happened when I tried write some scripts to launch the windows application on CoLinux, it is sure to be failed after my trying:).
       While I wonder does CoLinux has some inter-kernel communication(IKS) mechanism with its cooperative OS like Windows or Linux so that I can archieve my goal like above.
       Is there any detailed explanation for IKC on CoLinux?
      Thanks in advance!

    • Steven Chen

      Steven Chen - 2009-08-30

      The linux environment is totally running in the colinux space. If there is a tool for linux can remotely control windows application, I believe you can use that utility on colinux as well. BTW, maybe cygwin is another solution.


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