only an info: LINE "LINE In Not an Emulator"

  • BL-Freddy

    BL-Freddy - 2004-01-27

    I want only to say, that there existing an similar project at

    But LINE seems to be dead (last update for ca 3 years).

    But the advantage of LINE is, that it is similar to WINE on Linux. Graphical programs don't run all in one XFree-Window. They run seperate. Its all more homogene. Programs have there its own window, like under Linux itself.


    • sk

      sk - 2004-01-28

      That's not true. LINE needs X-Windows as well. Although the idea is great too, but slightly different (no nice seperation of virtual machines as with colinux or vmware).

      And yes, you can have programs with separate windows with X server: look at -multiwindow switch for cygwin's XWin.

    • user222

      user222 - 2004-11-25

      but LINE doesn't include a dependency finder, (something like the "Dependeny Walker" for Windows), so you still have to run linux first, if the dependency finder will ever be include, you may be able to run most of the Linux apps without ever running Linux itself!!!

    • user222

      user222 - 2004-11-25

      sorry, "Dependeny Walker" is meant to be "Dependency Walker"


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