How hard to get coLinux running on WinME/98?

  • Wes Morrison

    Wes Morrison - 2004-03-06

    Looks like TAP-Win32 is NT/XP/2K only.

    Looks like coLinux is too, right?

    Are either of these projects so dependent on NT features that it would be difficult or impossible to get them running on Windows ME or 98? Would it be simply a matter of changing API's or more like a major rewrite?

    FYI: I have experience programming TCP/IP in Microsoft Visual C++ and Java, but minimal knowledge of NT-specific features. I have more Solaris experience than actual Linux but it's mostly transferable.

    Before you say, "Upgrade to Windows XP", let me explain, my plan is to stick with whatever's already on my computers (98 or ME) until I can make a complete transition to Linux. I'm hoping coLinux can help me do that.

    • BJH

      BJH - 2004-03-06

      There is a possibility to do a limited port to ME and a backport to 98SE.  That would reuiqre lots of work.  NT supports asynchronus operations and security attributes in many interfaces.  98/ME do not have such options available if otherwise limited.  New code would have to be written to simulate the asychronus operations.  Then, the code still could not be considered as secure for a kernel level execution because of the absent security options.  For any detailed difference, reference the manuals at


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