Automatic install of colinux, network, KDE

  • Ramin Assisi

    Ramin Assisi - 2005-10-24

    Now a distribution with automatic installation for Windows XP with networking and KDE is available at

    • mxx

      mxx - 2005-11-14

      DOWNLOAD OPEN COLINUX NOW for only 20 $!

      developers should shut down that scam operation!

    • GT-Force

      GT-Force - 2006-07-27

      If coLinux was user friendly, fire-and-forget type of installation, then people like these would not need to do it for making money!

      After fiddling around about an hour, trying to install coLinux with the "provided" Gentoo, I gave up, and uninstalled it all.

      People attack MS all the time, but since DOS, after you start the setup by putting the disk in and restarting your computer, you ALWAYS end up with a RUNNING system!

      If Linux wants to be an alternative to Windows, it MUST find a way of making things (starting with installing the OS, then installing programs and installing hardware drivers) MUCH easier!!!

      So, IMHO, trying to get coLinux going was much more disgusting than seeing a coLinux version that (at least claims that) just works. I would be happy to give a mere $20 for something that works within minutes rather than wasting my precious time pulling my hair in front of the monitor trying to run something free!


    • Ed Kidgell

      Ed Kidgell - 2006-07-31

      Agreed! Being an OSS groupie and having tried many different Linux offerings I feel that the Linux community must realise it has to match Windoze for ease of setup and administration before it will be as widely accepted as it should.


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