How to do this little Knoppix Bootstrapping

  • Emmo Emminghaus

    Emmo Emminghaus - 2004-03-10

    on the homepage i found a Screnshot of Japaneese Knoppix... below the text "after a little Bootstrapping"...

    is there a Howto or can someone give instructions for this ???


    • Emmo Emminghaus

      Emmo Emminghaus - 2004-03-11

      OK, i didnt look on the Home Page...
      OK, i didnt recognize the WIKI...
      OK, i put the question in the wrong Forum...

      Sorry, for that stupid question :D


    • DanCook

      DanCook - 2004-08-15

      The short answer to the question is the you can't run the live-cd Knoppix in coLinux as such because Knoppix uses compression, which is incompatible with coLinux.

      So *install* Knoppix proper on your harddrive (dual boot machine), then follow the dual boot HOWTO for coLinux

      The longer answer is that if you are a real Linux buff, I'm sure if you put effort into it you could find a way to make cloop.o compatible with coLinux, but that would be a project in its own right...

      Also, coming to think about it

      1 you can remaster Knoppix
      2 I think some "LiveCDs" don't use compression
        (you could always remaster a DVD)
      3 I'm sure it must be possible to a distro that boots
      other from floppy or CD, so REMASTER

    • user222

      user222 - 2004-09-12

      what if you unpack the iso file

    • user222

      user222 - 2004-10-11

      sorry, wrong reply


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