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Printing from coLinux at the Windows XP host?

  • Rimini

    Rimini - 2005-03-16

    Hi all,

    I'm absolutly new at Linux, but I have coLinux sucessfully installed as a Windows XP service. I have the right network configuration running, thanks the replies at this forum.

    I can access the shared Windows XP directories with samba and the next step should be to print from the coLinux service to a printer, which is locally connected at the Windows XP host. I think, I must enable the printer sharing at the Windows host. But I have no knowledge, how I can print from coLinux. Any suggestion will be welcome.

    • George P Boutwell

      Yes, enable printing via Printer Sharing, then install CUPS and configure, in your distrobution.  If you need help doing that, probably should see help from your distribution, coLinux has little to do with that directrly and it varies from distrobution.

    • Rimini

      Rimini - 2005-03-17

      Hallo George,

      thanks agaiin for your support.

      I'll try to install CUPS for printing from coLinux this weekend. I hope, I get not trouble with my Windows GDI printers (HP Laserjet 1010 and HP DeskJet 790c).

      Have a nice day.


    • Rimini

      Rimini - 2005-03-22

      Hi all,

      I have just running coLinux as Windoes XP service and thanks the help all functionality what I would get is perfect:

      The Windows XP host is a member of the local Windows 2003 server domain and don't have any knowledge/access of/to the internet on the same NIC. The coLinux service on the Windows XP host have an internet connection via a Windows bridged network with the host NIC and have an additional internal communication to the host also, so that the shared directories of the host are accessible from coLinux with the SMB client. The shared printers of the host are usable for coLinux with the CUPS and the audio is streamed from coLinux to the Windows XP host thanks the NXserver/NXclient. This all was it what I would get.

      Again, coLinux is the first, best and only one choice for Windows users to use the internet without the danger of infection with viruses or trojaners. My congratulation to all of the developers of coLinux.

      The next step will be to install an online antivirus program at the coLinux part.

      Just have all fun with the internet on a Windows based PC.



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