error starting vncserver-no xwindows running

  • gregfalk

    gregfalk - 2005-01-31

    coLinux was installed using the Debian 1 gb file. After some IP configuration issues on the windows side, internet connectivity was established. Debian was updated and then the packages needed to run vncserver (including the xwindow packages) were installed. They all installed fine. RealVNC is used as the vncviewer on the windows side. Connection to the vncserver session on the Debian running within coLinux has been successful.

    The problem is with xwindows on the Debian side. Starting vncserver did not create the .vnc directory (in the user's home directory), nor did it create the file (in the .vnc directory) specifying which xwindows components should run. When vncserver is started an error is generated saying that coLinux:1 is an invalid argument in the "add command." Debian then thinks for about twenty seconds or so and creates the coLinux:1 session. As stated earlier, it is possible to connect to this from the vncviewer in windows, but no xwindows environment is running. The vncviewer window is blank, but it does have a working mouse pointer.

    I am a newbie, so I may be missing something painfully obvious. Any thoughts?

    • gregfalk

      gregfalk - 2005-02-01

      This was posted in the wrong forum. It has been moved to the Help forum. Please disregard.


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