cameos - 2007-11-14


I finally upgraded from 0.6.3 to 0.7.1, everything went smoothly.

After I finished installing the new version, I tried to test the new colinux by using this:
colinux-daemon kernel=vmlinux initrd=initrd.gz root=/dev/ram0 cofs0=c:\ eth0=tuntap,"TAP" -t nt

I got the shell, but the busybox in initrd seems very limited. for example, it does not have ifconfig and ping thus it's very hard for me to verify that eth0 and the network actually work.

Here's the list of supported busybox applets:

Currently defined functions:
        [, ash, basename, bunzip2, busybox, bzcat, cat, chgrp, chmod,
        chown, chroot, clear, cmp, cp, cut, date, dd, df, dirname, dmesg,
        du, echo, egrep, env, expr, false, fdflush, fgrep, find, free,
        grep, gunzip, gzip, halt, head, hexdump, id, init, insmod, install,
        kill, killall, linuxrc, ln, ls, lsmod, mkdir, mknod, mkswap, modprobe,
        more, mount, mv, passwd, pidof, pivot_root, ps, pwd, reset, rm,
        rmdir, rmmod, sed, sh, sleep, sort, su, swapoff, swapon, sync,
        tail, tar, tee, test, time, touch, tr, true, tty, umount, uname,
        uniq, unzip, vi, wget, which, whoami, xargs, yes, zcat

I am asking a favor: can we have more applets? I'd like to have these applets:
ifconfig, ping, netstat, route, md5sum, unix2dos