How well does the ether emulation working?

  • Dr. David Alan Gilbert

    How does the networking emulation work?  The use that comes to me immediately of this is to run Freeswan under Windows to provide Windows abusers the (reliable) way to access Freeswan servers (OK you can often do it otherways - but not seen a reliable way).

    So the Linux machine would ideally be able to act as a router with all external packets going into one Linux interfaces and it feed other packets to windows.

    Would this be possible?


    • lucky_linux

      lucky_linux - 2005-02-06

      Do Internet Connection Sharing.. then Tuntap the
      other manually configured...

           1. Go to Control Panel > Networking and Internet Connections > Network Connecions

           2. Go to your ISP's connection and right click and go to Properties

           3. Click the Advanced tab and in Internet Connection Sharing, check "Allow other network users to connect throgh this computers internet connection"

           4. A warning dialog will com up, click yes.

           5. start Colinux... You should have it connected. If you don't, start from 1.


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