• Martin Kanich

    Martin Kanich - 2004-05-11


    I would like to mount the coLinux modules as separate partition. how can it be possible to mount it - it is installed as .tar.gz (as I can remember) and the kernel name can change, so i should change the mount point. this feature could be good enough to integrate to the setup, just because some people asked allready about nfs support etc.
    I think if the tgz file would be an mountable image and there would be an script (well you have to manually copy it as you have modules, but just once instead of every new version of kernel) which mounts this cobd device in right place that could be fine.
    Is anybody skilled around to say it's just easy like a cake? I know it must be just a question of a time (well, time to learn :-)


    • Chris Friedl

      Chris Friedl - 2004-06-11

      Seems like you can "mount" a text file as shown here. Perhaps that can help you achieve what you want.

    • James R. Phillips

      I don't think this is possible (mounting the modules on a separate file system) within the design of the linux kernel and its boot process.  The modules, which are loaded during the boot process, need to be on root file system.

      What you need is a way to copy the new modules into the linux filesystem from the windows filesystem.  This can be accomplished by installation of the samba package; making the windows directory shareable, and then mounting the windows directory using smbmount.  Then you can copy the modules and unpack them in the right location.


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