Kernel 2.6.15 on 0.6.4

  • aguspiza

    aguspiza - 2006-09-09

    I have been using for some hours the new kernel 2.6.15 ported by Anders Eriksson on Colinux 0.6.4 from:

    I have found that Anders Eriksson 2.6.15 version it is quite cut on modules as SMBFS/CIFS and NFS is that because it woyld make it more unstable or I could try to recompile the kernel with that modules and keep it working on 0.6.4

    I am using 0.6.4 beucase I have found it much more stable than 0.7.1, and it seems that using 2.6.15 instead of 2.6.11 does not make it more unstable.

    • Iraxl Enb

      Iraxl Enb - 2007-02-21

      That link seems to be broken. Is this hosted elsewhere?

      I am having trouble with udev on 2.6.12 that was part of the 0.7.1 package, and I want to upgrade the kernel as mentioned on wiki for FC5.


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