colinux and pro graphic softs

  • jaz

    jaz - 2005-06-15

    Hi everybody,

    I eared about colinux few days ago and i look for real info on it.
    I want to use "Shake" on it (apple componsiting software)
    Is colinux can work fast and normaly with that kind of softwares very power needer, it use the graphic card and processor and disk access.

    If someone can tell me if it is possible to work well in production with this solution on window it will be great.

    Thanks A lot to answer me

    • Danny Staple

      Danny Staple - 2005-06-23

      If the program can run in X over a remote connection, then the answer is yes. The procesor performance is not much less than a native linux installation. The disk access depends on what you are using - real partitions or images - real partitions will be notably faster.

      High speed graphics is an issue - as there is no built in frame buffer, all of it would be done either through VNC or X over a network (even if it is bridged local to local). This means that it is not using real accelerated graphics hardware, but a FrameBuffer system. X does use some acceleration for widgets -but AFAIK OpenGL and other more advanced stuff will all be done in software - the main hit being on the processor.

      I am going to have a go at running LeoCAD on this - and see how it does.


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