better performance on a real partiton ?

  • knoedelhansi

    knoedelhansi - 2005-02-25

    is the performance of colinux better on a real partition than on an image file? I have recently one root image file and two image files with database files.
    The reading and writing in the database files is slow. Would it be better if i use a real partition?
    Thank you

    • George P Boutwell

      Not really, it's generally considered the images will be faster as they benefit from windows file system caching.  About all I can say is try it, it might be faster for your situation.

    • knoedelhansi

      knoedelhansi - 2005-02-28

      Thank you for your answer. The slow reading and writing was not a problem with colinux. The problem was less memory for the java-based application. Now, with more memory, it runs very well. But i have another question: Is it generally faster to use one big image file with all stuff in it? Or is the performance of reading and writing generally better if i use several smaller images?

    • George P Boutwell

      I don't believe anyone has benchmarked between 1 big image vs several smaller images.  Unfortunately you'll probably have to experiment with that yourself.  Report back I'm sure there are others in the community who would be intrested in the results (for various reasons).

    • knoedelhansi

      knoedelhansi - 2005-03-04

      I'll test it as far as possible. I'm waiting for my new 2,5" USB Disk Drive. I'll test and report then the results.

    • navaburo

      navaburo - 2005-05-10

      You would cirtainly get better performance if you put your root partition in an image file, and then another (/home, /var, whathave you) in another image file on a different physical harddisk.


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