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RAM limitations on 32bit Win

  • Philip Zupancic

    Philip Zupancic - 2008-08-29

    I'm thinking about buying Win Vista and running my Linux distri cooperatively. I have 4 GB RAM, which are not completely supported by the 32bit version of Win. I wondered whether colinux can use parts of the RAM that Win cannot due to it's 32bit address-limitations, so that all the RAM is used by any system. Possible?
    Thanks and greetings,

    • Dr Bill C Riemers

      Unfortunately not.  As far as hardware is concerned coLinux is just another application.   coLinux only has access to the RAM available to Windows.

    • Dr Bill C Riemers

      Have you considered instead just running Linux, and use Wine or virtualization to run Windows?

    • Philip Zupancic

      Philip Zupancic - 2008-08-30

      Sure, but unfortunately my experiences with wine were not the best. Maybe I just have to invest more time in the configuration.
      Apart from the applications I would like to use my nice Canon MP600R with that machine, but in Linux printing is only supported by commercial drivers and scanning not at all. I don't think virtualization would help me with that, would it?
      Maybe dualboot is the unperfect solution and I use Win only when necessary and live with the restricted RAM ...
      Kind regards,

      • Olivier Gautherot


        virtualization can usually redirect USB ports. This can be an option, you can give it a try. In this case, the driver runs on the guest system and you barely have a transport layer on the host.



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