• Android808

    Android808 - 2004-11-08

    I've just finished compiling Linux From Scratch Testing 10/10/2004, which I've dubbed AndroidLinux: PURE, and would like to make it available to others to download. Anyone know where I could get it hosted.  The file is 60MB (1GB compressed image).

    The only aspect it currently lacks is a native linux kernel, so it can be run without CoLinux.  I have however installed GRUB, but have obviously not configured it yet.

    On a side note, anyone have any tutorials on how to build a distro using RPM.  I am currently re-building the LFS tool-chain with the hope of doing a version of AndroidLinux using package management.  I'm just not sure how to get started.  I believe I need to add a version of RPM to the tool-chain.  Other than that I have no idea.

    • Stuart Turner

      Stuart Turner - 2004-11-08

      Why not create a sourceforge project and put it up there?

    • Android808

      Android808 - 2004-11-09

      I did think about that, just checked out the project submission section.  Only thing is I don't know how active the development is going to be.  I suppose I could just make a site for CoLinux disk images.  I've just done a FC3 image, and as posted earlier I got a Gentoo 2004.2 image.

      Anyone interested in helping to develop a distro?

    • Massimiliano Faralli

      it would be cool but... what distro u used as base? redhat? debian? gentoo?

      • Android808

        Android808 - 2004-11-11

        I built a copy of LFS (Testing:10/10/2004), which makes use of the kernel, so as to optimize the build against the Colinux 0.62-pre6 snapshot, on top of my Gentoo 2004.2 image (now deleted because of an error (I installed Shadow onto the Gentoo root rather than the LFS root and then logged out...I couldn't get back in again).  I am now rebuilding the toolchain on top of a copy of AndroidLinux: PURE which has wget added to download any packages.  Problem is I don't have a clue how to make it so that it completely supports RPM, ie making every package an RPM.

        What I was thinking was RPM would have to be added to the toolchain, or the packages in the PURE release would have to be rebuilt as RPM's.  As for an installer, I wondered if it would be possible to mount the installer as a sub-directory of the target location, chroot into the target environment and then copy a base image, containing RPM and its dependencies to the target location.  The RPM database could then be built, and the packages that have been installed in the base image injected into the database.  Other RPMs could then be installed using the targets RPM application, and would be correctly recorded in the RPM database.

        I now have several images of AndroidLinux installed, all for different purposes.  A basic LFS system (minus kernel obviously), a dev version for creating the new toolchain and a package version for building and testing applications, currently I am setting up RPM on this one.

        As a side project I also considered uploading some of my other disk images, such as Fedora Core 3 and, when released, Gentoo 2004.3, so newcomers don't have to update as much software.


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