Anyone Want A Gentoo 2004.2 Image

  • Android808

    Android808 - 2004-09-10

    After downloading Gentoo 2004.2 the other day, I encountered a slight problem in that I didn't know how to get it into CoLinux to install it as I don't share files on the network.  Then I bought the latest Linux Format (uk issue 58) which came with it on the DVD.  Result I thought as I can access the cd directly from CoLinux.  Only problem is it didn't come with a stage3 tarball.  Back to the download, UltraISO to extract files required, then serve them up on my local webserver to download into my Fedora Core image.  After several attempts, I finally have it working.

    So if anyone wants a i686 Gentoo 2004.2 filesystem, completely unmodified, tell me where to put it and you can have a copy.

    • Massimiliano Faralli

      why make a new fs image if you can update the existing one with emerge -uD world?

      • Android808

        Android808 - 2004-09-13

        Because I found doing this caused bootmisc to fail during boot and changes needed to be made to the network config

    • Anonymous - 2004-09-17

      I want a copy of the image, I have DSL and are able to download pettry fast. How can I get a copy?

      • Android808

        Android808 - 2004-09-17

        I just need somewhere to upload it.  If you can find somewhere I can put it then its yours.  All even give you a copy of my config file so you can set it up quicker.  You'll just have to change the directories.

        What I'll do is take out the distfiles directory, where emerge puts all of the files it downloads.  This will make the download a little smaller.  These files are unnecessary as they are already installed.

        The image is set up to use stable ebuilds, and as a result emerge -uDvp world doesn't bring that many results at present.

        Will archive the original image and upload it ASAP.  I will post when done, working all weekend so maybe Monday.

    • Android808

      Android808 - 2004-09-17

      On second though, will you be around on Monday, I could host it myself.


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