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Please provide Centos 5.2 Image?

h gw
  • h gw

    h gw - 2008-10-09

    Centos 5.x series is very popular,why not provide the image?So,I'd like to sugest somebody could provide the "official" image,cool.

    • FurYy

      FurYy - 2008-10-09

      Ok, i'm dropping it here then, a quick install, default base pretty much. No extra tweaking done or even tested if coLinux-ready :( as virtualbox hanged itself.

    • FurYy

      FurYy - 2008-10-09

      Forgot, root password is centos

    • thuongshoo

      thuongshoo - 2009-03-10

      Thanks furry !

      Can you post a guide ?

      I'm trying to install CentOs from ISO file on CoLinux but still not yet succedded.

    • Gerard Braad

      Gerard Braad - 2009-03-13

      LOL, I also just released a CentOS 5.2 image for coLinux. Suggestions are welcome...

      Soon I will post a more detailed instructions on how to perform the manual installation yourself.

    • thuongshoo

      thuongshoo - 2009-03-20

      heheheh! thanks!
      I found your blog site before I came back here :D


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