Terry Weiss - 2010-09-01

Henry et al,

I just wanted to say thanks for this. After a month of getting comfortable with colinux, I am now using it in a production environment to provide a series of appliances. I know for many the goal is to gain access to linux from a windows desktop, but I have found that on even an old, tired server, using Windows 2003 Server as a kind of fake hypervisor, I have been able to spool up a series of server appliances that use little system resources. It rocks!

I am migrating off of a poorly designed AD and originally intended to use the colinux instances as a stopgap, but have found it so solid that I am leaving some of the services in linux. On a server with 3gig of RAM, I was able to create an LDAP appliance, a RADIUS appliance, and a DNS appliance. I still use Windows for VPN but have it authenticate against the RADIUS box. No machine is allocated more than 128M of RAM and they all work well together. The host machine originally had Virtual Server, then VMWare, but all ate more resources than these little colinux appliances. We support around 40 users with these instances. I am considering a cofs based file server next :)

So, a couple things:
1) THANKS!!!!!!!
2) I haven't seen anyone documenting colinux for this kind of use and wanted to throw it out there to let others know this is not only possible, but is a very compelling business case and option
3) Offer up a way to give back. In my experiments, I have gotten pretty good at creating (and destroying :) colinux instances on Debian Squeeze from debootstrap. I would like to create a base image with nano, sudo, less and a root password, an LDAP server with LDAP Account Manager, a RADIUS instance that uses the LDAP instance. And then a freenx desktop based image with minimal gnome. I'll need a month or two to get the documentation together so that the images are usable by people completely fresh to the idea. I'll host the docs on my new blog as a  series on working with colinux. I would like to make the images available to you so that you can provide them to folks from here.

Let me know if you are interested or if there is any other way I can help out with this great project!