Missing File

  • Larry

    Larry - 2004-01-26

    The 'building' instructions reference a pre-made Linux .config file, but it is not included in the distribution.

    Where can I find it?


    • Dennis Ng

      Dennis Ng - 2004-01-26

      I am not a kernel hacker but very much like to test this as the cygwin is not as stable to run X and many other linux available packages.

      If possible then perhaps a basic repeated steps of how to make the package can help to include people like me to help to test it, even if we cannot help to debug or develope it.  Hence, may I ask a more basic question - under what environment can this be compiled?  Cygwin or linux? It mentioned something of cygwin ... a step-by-step guide (no need of documentation) would help to involve more people.

      I assume once the environment fixed, one may then start to do the untar ... configure ... make? but the runnning/building does not say something along that line.  Perhaps I should wait but perhaps a little bit more info can help me to join and provide feedback to developers.


    • Dan Aloni

      Dan Aloni - 2004-01-26

      That tarball was the first public release of the sources, surely it contained some problems I overlooked.

      The issue you mentioned will be resolved in the next release.


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