when would the frame buffer be implemented???

  • user222

    user222 - 2004-11-21

    i heard from the colinux homepage, that the frame buffer is part of the colinux roadmap, to make colinux be able to run the X server directly inside colinux

    (would the frame buffer be implemented in the next colinux release???)

    • Massimiliano Faralli

      it's not a primary target
      and maybe it will not be implimented for the next release

    • user222

      user222 - 2004-12-01

      but colinux is not really useful without the frame buffer

      • Dr Bill C Riemers

        Why would you say that?  coLinux works just fine if you use X11 running outside of coLinux, or you use VNC.    Some people have even expressed the opposite view point, that implementing a frame buffer is a waste of time.   Personally, I'm somewhere in the middle.  I think a frame buffer will add more uses for coLinux, but it is not the most important new feature needed.


    • Massimiliano Faralli

      internal framebuffer it's only an eye candy
      cos you can already have a full desktop environment with opengl even if you use a remote solution
      a frame buffer is intended to be only a speed optimization

      cool but not essential

    • user222

      user222 - 2004-12-06

      but without the frame buffer, not even a character-base d GUI like "Twin" would work, because "DISPLAY:" wouldn't work without the remote solution, "twin" would have worked if it doesn't need a "DISPLAY:", like "Setedit", which has multiple windows inside the application

    • Massimiliano Faralli

      i have a remote solution working even with gdm login and no display thing
      follow wiki and see

    • user222

      user222 - 2004-12-07

      it doesn't have instructions on how to run "twin"

    • Arne v.Irmer

      Arne v.Irmer - 2005-04-04

      For me framebuffer implementation is not interesting. The solution with an external X-Server is a very fast and good solution.
      Please use your strength ease the installation, optimise the speed and stability.


    • user222

      user222 - 2005-04-07

      it doesn't have instructions on how to run "twin"
      TWIN does run, but the [PAUSE] key doesn't work, and there's no mouse support for the Colinux console, so you won't be able to do anything or exit TWIN without switching to another tty.


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