How To Install Fedora Core 3

  • Android808

    Android808 - 2004-11-11

    I installed FC3 in the same way I installed FC2 and FC Development, but I found this a lot easier.

    Download and configure the Fedora Core 1 base image.  You need to setup the networking depending on your machine.  Don't forget to check /etc/resolv.conf.

    Edit /etc/apt/sources.list with nano or vim.  One line should be uncommented under the "Fedora Linux 1" section.  Towards the end of the line is a section ../1/.... changes the 1 to a 3.  Save changes and exit.

    Now run "apt-get update" to download the package listings for FC3.  When done run "apt-get dist-upgrade"  I think it had to download around 90MB.  You will also notice it is holding back to packages.  To update these just do "apt-get install packagename1 packagename2".  I know one was initscripts, the other I can't remember.

    Reboot and your done.  One thing I did notice was sshd decided not to work for some reason, I was trying to get X11 forwarding, I think it was because I hadn't started XFS.  A quick "apt-get remove openssh" followed by "apt-get install openssh" solved this.  You can also use apt-get clean now to free up some disk space.

    • Android808

      Android808 - 2004-11-11

      Unlike FC2, you shouldn't need to manually remove any packages.

    • Dana Chee

      Dana Chee - 2004-11-15

      I'm not sure how to make them available, but I have fc3 images in both 2G and 4G file systems (just fc1s updated, no additional packages).  If anyone wants one, or knows how to add them to sourceforge, let me know.

      • Android808

        Android808 - 2004-11-17

        As mentioned in one of my other threads, I am building my own distro based on LinuxFromScratch.  On there, someone suggested uploading it to Sourceforge as a new project.  I have looked in to this but taken no action yet as I have decided to hold back the release of the new distro until a suitable package management system has been implemented.

        Also in the thread I suggested that as a side-project, I would upload some of the other disk images I have created, currently including a version of LFS (Testing 10/10/2004, has grub installed but not configured and no kernel as it uses CoLinux), FC3, Gentoo 2004.3 and possibly Debian Sarge.  I could also offer tutorials on some of these.

        So heres my point, if anyone wants a new project on sourceforge for CoLinux disk images, I'd be happy to set one up as long as I got enough contributors.

        On a side note, I wouldn't bother having a 4GB file image, or the 2GB really.  I've found making the original file system as small as possible makes the compressed  file to be distributed much smaller.  For example, a Gentoo 2004.2 image on a 4GB file compresses (using WinRAR on best compression) to approx. 320MB.  Using a 1GB image compresses to approx. 80MB.  The user can then enlarge the file to the necessary size using one of the methods on the Wiki site, I myself use topoenlarge.


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