#99 Colinux Crashes Vista during Installation (tap-win32)

Henry N.


I've tried to install colinux (0.6.4 and 0.7.1 hn16)
on my new Windows Vista Beta2 Build 5456, however,
failed with a BSOD during the installation.

If I select none of the networking components, the
setup finishes correctly, but colinux crashes again
when I try to start a new virtual machine.

It seems that Vista has changed some kernel driver
architecture, which makes Colinux drivers give a BSOD
on the system.

I really wish that this problem is easily solvable as
I want to be able to run my beloved Kubuntu 6.06
inside Vista.

Best regards,



  • Dr Bill C Riemers

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    My previous experience with Windows Beta releases, is it is
    not worth trying to fix problems with software running in
    them. It is better to submit the bug report to Microsoft,
    so hopefully the official Vista release will not have this
    problem. In the mean time, have you tried coLinux
    alternatives, such as QEMU? With the new kernel
    acceleration mode, I expect performance on Qemu and coLinux
    are close to equivalent...


  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    Hi Bill,

    I agree with you in the sense that beta over beta is not a
    very good approach.

    However, I don't think it's a bug on Windows Side, as the
    problem is due to a new driver implementation model, which
    has changed in Windows VISTA, and it appears that colinux
    drivers are not compatible with it anymore.

    Of course, I don't know if Colinux developers find it worth
    understanding and fixing.

    I read in some posts that same problem appears in TAP-Win32
    (prevents OpenVPN from running) drivers.

    I will file a bug report on Microsoft also, and will try to
    install VmWare and Qemu and keep posted.

    Best regards,


  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    maybe this helps: as far as I know. the taü win32 driver
    colinux uses is the sameas or at least based on the tap
    win32 driver from the openvpn project. also people are
    reporting the same problem as mentioned above when addin a
    tap device with openvpn under vista. so maybe it could be
    useful to check with opnvpn at times to see whether they
    came up with a solution.

  • George P Boutwell

    • status: open --> closed-later
  • George P Boutwell

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    Sorry we just don't have the resources at this time to
    support a beta implementation of our software on a beta
    version of Windows software. I'm closing this bug report.
    We'll keep it in mind and when we have a final version of
    Vista and proper mingw support for Vista's Driver SDK &
    header files, we'll do what we can to support Vista. Thanks
    for reporting it. We believe that Vista is important to
    support, we just can't with the resources we have.
    Unfortunately we have bigger fish to fry. Thanks.

  • Henry N.

    Henry N. - 2006-09-04
    • assigned_to: nobody --> henryn
    • summary: Colinux Crashes Vista during Installation --> Colinux Crashes Vista during Installation (tap-win32)
    • status: closed-later --> pending-later
  • George P Boutwell

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    I was able to boot coLinux v0.7.1-hn17 w/ the 2.6.15 kernel
    on Vista.
    http://firechief.dyndns.org/colinux/Vista-coLinux.JPG is an
    screen shot of it running. It was very limited...

    ie I used slirp and not TAP or PCAP
    I booted the initrd.gz with root=/dev/ram0
    I did not run the installer, but copied the files onto
    the box and ran colinux-daemon --install-driver.

    My first attempt to boot coLinux rebooted the machine. This
    machine doesn't have hardware DEP (it's an early P4) but it
    acted just like the DEP problem we sometimes see... So I
    went to check out if there where some boot.ini things I
    could change that would make a difference. It was here that
    I found that Vista now has Software DEP of the hardware
    doesn't have DEP. I was able to boot coLinux without
    crashing windows once I had enabled DEP for all
    applications, and listed coLinux's deamons & coLinux's
    linux.sys in the exceptions list.

    Not I said that I used 0.7.1hn17 w/2.6.15 kernel... I don't
    believe that this is the only version that should work... I
    believe that 0.6.4 should, also, work, as well as any 0.7.1
    w/2.6.12 kernel. In fact my shutdown problem maybe related
    to running the 2.6.15 kernel which has already had reports
    of shutdown problems.

    I haven't had a chance to try the TAP adapter you posted,
    I will as soon as I get a chance.

  • George P Boutwell

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    Have tested with the tapdriver you posted. I was able
    install the adapter and boot colinux into the intrd with
    eth0=tuntap... It found the adapter and connected with it.
    I don't think the initrd has enough binaries to configure
    and bring-up eth0 as an interface so that'll have to be
    tested. But it looks like if the tapdriver was the problem
    the version you posted takes care of it.
    I tried with 0.7.1 autobuild from 08312006, it boots and
    shutsdown without an problem. Same expection in the
    software DEP list.


  • George P Boutwell

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    For 32-bit Vista only...

    coLinux with the tap driver mentioned here by Henry
    Nestler runs without issue. Installer will probably fail at
    the point that tap is installed. Either skip the install of
    tap driver, d/l the tap driver below, install it and use it.
    This is a temporary workaround until such time as we can
    incorporate it in the released install.

  • George P Boutwell

    • status: pending-later --> closed-later

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