#172 IO deadlock

v0.8.x (devel)

I've been observing lots of IO deadlocks with heavy IO operations like torrent hashing or squashfs creation on cobd and cofs mounts.
It makes the whole colinux machine unresponsive waiting on the IO stall.
This is observed with the newest daily build devel-20091218.
I can provide any debug info needed as this happens fairly often on the aforementioned operations, there are however no errors reported within the colinux machine.


  • Gilfar

    Gilfar - 2009-12-29

    I have checked devel-20091115 and it contains the same bug.
    I also have been testing stable-20091206 and it appears to work fine so far, so maybe some patches from stable weren't applied to devel branch ?

  • Henry N.

    Henry N. - 2010-01-01

    > maybe some patches from stable weren't applied to devel branch

    stable-20091206 has kernel, and devel-20091115 has kernel So they are totally different and maybe additional changes between these kernel versions are missing.

    It would be nice, if you presents small scripts to force these bugs.
    Please say also, what mount options for block device do you used for your mounted device, and the used line in colinux config (cobd0=...).

  • Gilfar

    Gilfar - 2010-01-01

    Sorry, I didn't check the kernel version for stable and it was labelled on your site.
    I've got this in colinux config
    and in fstab
    /dev/cobd0 / ext3 data=journal,relatime 0 1

    After I went to stable-20091206 and now back to devel-20091218, I can't reproduce the bug anymore. It didn't trigger all the time before, but it was quite easy to hang colinux.
    I'll keep the colinux guest running under heavy load and see if I can get the bug reproduced.


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