#119 Installer: Description area is too small


When executing "stable-coLinux-20070714.exe" there is a list of options to install. Hovering over the options displays a description at the bottom of the window. However the last part of the description cannot be read as it is located outside the description area.


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    Addition: Description of CoLinux Virtual Network Daemon is currently the same as description of "colinux virtual ethernet driver" this needs to change to:

    The simplest way to use networks in coLinux. This runs as
    user application on the Windows host and needs no changes on the host
    networks. Slirp is a good choice for dialup networks and WLAN cards.
    Slirp use all times the current outgoing interface and forwards (NAT)
    networking from linux to the internet world. Slirp is a virtual
    Gateway for all outgoing TCP and UDP connections (no IMCP, no ping).
    Standard installation works as firewall to your linux. It means, you
    can not connect from windows side to your linux. To allow incomings
    from host system to linux, must additional configure 'redirections'.
    Slirp has a DHCP-Server for linux side. To use slirp, edit your CFG
    file and set "slirp" as first parameter. Inside linux use DHCP-Client
    to get your network configuration.

  • Henry N.

    Henry N. - 2007-11-02
    • status: open --> closed-fixed