#112 Clock skew detected

v0.6.x (release)

Many "Clock skew detected" reported by make during building projects. I searched the mailing list and read somewhere this got fixed, but somehow it's still there.

My colinux version: 0.6.4 (with Sept. 2006 exe patch).
OS: Debian Testing, everything is updated.


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    On WinXP, when I first boot-up, I right-click the clock on the toolbar, choose "Adjust Date/Time", click tab [Internet Time] and hit button [Update Now]. Next, while still connected to Internet, I start coLinux
    and let it boot. Now when I use "make" I also get error messages about skew (sometimes it is less than 0.001 !!! - but still get message). Sometimes it is a few seconds off, I can see my X-Windows time is different than my WinXP time.

    I did apt-get ntpd and install time protocol on coLinux. I've done all I can and there is still a problem.

    I am using Linux version 2.6.17-co-0.8.0 (gcc 412) so it is the newest.

    I am looking at 2.6.18 source and it has some fixups for the time synchronization - if only there were kernel patches for 2.6.18 !

  • Henry N.

    Henry N. - 2007-07-20

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    Have you an URL link, or a hash from GIT for the suggested fixups?