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Cog Development Application Win32 Binary Available

The Cog Development Application now supports the Win32 platform with a natively-compiled binary, and a new stable (1.0.1) release.

Posted by Steven M. Castellotti 2002-04-05

The Cog Engine Project goes 1.0!

The Cog Engine Project, after three years of development has made its 1.0 release. The Cog Engine Project's goal is to simplify the creation of video games to the point that a motivated child could create their own video game without any programming experience necessary.

Posted by Steven M. Castellotti 2002-01-29

Cog Development App makes Initial Release!

The COG Development Application is a complete GUI environment that permits the creation of video games without any programming experience. Video game modules can be played in any Java-enabled browser, without any software installation, using the Cog Engine.

Posted by Steven M. Castellotti 2001-06-12

COG Engine Project Homepage is Moving!

As of midnight on March 21st, the URL for the COG Engine's homepage will be moving to

This move is due to the merging of Linuxbox and OpenAvenue. All Open Source projects hosted by will also be making this transition to

I don't expect any problems to occur with the site during this transition, but some people may run into errors as the DNS change propigates. Please be patient should any such problem occur.

Posted by Steven M. Castellotti 2000-03-20

COG Engine releases first Official Beta

After nearly a year and a half of development, The Cycon Online Gaming (COG) Engine has just made it's first Official Beta Release (version 0.90).

Posted by Steven M. Castellotti 2000-03-19