Elana Fertig

Welcome to the C++ code for the CoGAPS Bioconductor package (http://www.bioconductor.org/packages/release/bioc/html/CoGAPS.html)!

This code implements the Coordinated Gene Activity in Pattern Sets (CoGAPS) infers biological processes which are active in individual gene sets from corresponding microarray measurements. CoGAPS achieves this inference by combining a MCMC matrix decomposition algorithm (GAPS) with a novel statistic inferring activity on gene sets.

Please reference this code as:
Fertig, EJ, Ding, J, Favorov, AV, Parmigiani, G, and Ochs, MF (2010) CoGAPS: an R/C++ package to identify patterns and biological process activity in transcriptomic data. Bioinformatics, 26: 2792-3. PMID 20810601.

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