Steven Cole - 2011-05-06

Where can I get the source code?

The source code is in the svn server for this project.
1. download tortoise svn ( or another SVN software.
2. install the software
3. restart computer
4. make a new folder anyware you want
5. right click on the folder and click on "SVN Checkout…"
6. for URL of repository put "";
7. Press OK.

It wont work I get some error message I am on XP?

The way windows handles the power modes on XP is quite different, unfortunately I can not code for a operating system that I  do not have installed.

The "Sleep Blockers" button (AKA "Milk") window just lists heaps of  " ?" like 200 times?

You probably have x64 (64 bit) windows vista or windows 7, please visit the files page here on sourceforge and download the correct release.