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Current work: Testing framework

We are busy adding a testing framework, using JUnit, to create unit tests for the existing code. This will help us in the future when we start re-writing and adding new features.
There are also a new module: rssBlog in CVS.

Posted by Pieter van Zyl 2005-10-26

Coefficient 0.9.6 released!

The Coefficient team is proud to announce the release of Coefficient version 0.9.6

Coefficient is a scalable, project-based collaboration platform that
runs in J2EE and/or Servlet containers. Currently, it provides basic
collaboration functionality packaged as hot-deployable modules. It also
provides a workflow engine to guide projects through their development

Changes in this version include:
* Aliasing of e-mail addresses in the MailForum module
* Improved OneWorldTheme for OpenDgroups
* MailForum settings page for the MailForum module
* Constants.ALIAS_MAIL_HOST_ADDRESS to configure an alias domain
* Added MAX_NUM_OF_FORUMS for OpenDgroups.
* Added a generic event dispatch and handling system
* More modular release structure... read more

Posted by Thomas Fogwill 2005-07-11

Working on new release

We are working on a new release of Coefficient.

Currently we are finalising some documentation, scripts and doing some basic testing.

Will inform you when we decide on a date and a version number.

Posted by Pieter van Zyl 2005-06-21

Coefficient 0.9.5-1 bug fix release now available

Coefficient 0.9.5-1, a bug fix release, is now available. This version has a number of needed bug fixes and can replace the 0.9.5 install while keeping your data. Move to this version please.

Posted by Dylan Etkin 2004-12-08

Coefficient 0.9.5 re-released with re-worked issue tracker

We have re-released Coefficient 0.9.5. There have been a few bug fixes and a complete re-write of the front-end of the Issue Tracker module so that we will no longer be 'lifting' the JIRA html, layout, or images.

Posted by Dylan Etkin 2004-11-25

Issue Tracker to be removed from Coefficient for now.

We have always claimed that our issue tracker is a JIRA clone and it has been brought to our attention that it is bordering on theft. This was not our intent and we will therefore remove the issue tracker until we can re-visit it and remove the inappropriate content.

Sorry for the trouble.

Posted by Dylan Etkin 2004-11-17

Coefficient 0.9.5 released!

Its been a long time comming but we have released the binary version of 0.9.5. Checkout the changelog to see the many new features.

Posted by Dylan Etkin 2004-11-16

Shooting for the next release by 5th of Novmber

We are finally getting the time to do another phase of development. The next release will have a "myData" module, some project module enhancments, some file upload enhancments, and at last mailing lists integrated with discussion forums (ala James). If we can find the time we will also include a generic roles model and some base module enhancements. If you would like a peek at whats going on you can always grab the head of CVS and build coefficient yourself.

Posted by Dylan Etkin 2004-09-30

Working toward a 1.0 release

Just some news to let you know this project is not dead. We were busy implementing another project using coefficient and are now starting the process of putting what we did back into the core. This should take a month or two but the good news is coefficeint has had a lot more testing and some nice additions.

Posted by Dylan Etkin 2004-06-15

0.9 release of Coefficient

With the 0.9 release of coefficient we have abstracted the service deployment so that the application can now not only run within J2EE application servers but it can run in a scaled down web application server (ala tomcat) as well. We have also added Aspect logging and made bug fixes within this release.

Posted by Dylan Etkin 2003-12-05

Aspect logging added to dev version of Coefficient

Aspect logging has been added in CVS. Coefficient now logs for:
- authentication registration/confirmation/login/login failure
- HibernateExceptions
- screenExceptions
- schemaExport calls
- auditing of save/delete/update
- interceptor timings

Posted by Dylan Etkin 2003-11-13

csir-workflow source is a part of coefficient project

The csir-workflow dependancy is now a stand-alone module residing in the coefficient repository. The module name is 'csir-workflow'. It builds to a jar. This will, if need drives it, be renamed and get its own home at some point. For now it is here.

Posted by Dylan Etkin 2003-11-03

0.8.1 release - Issue Tracking Added to coefficient

With the 0.8.1 release of coefficient we now have an issue tracker. This has been modelled on JIRA. There have also been some bug fixes and some minor enhancements to the core.

Posted by Dylan Etkin 2003-10-24

First release of coefficient

We are proud to announce our first pre release from coefficient. This release is has been developer tested. The core platform is stable and the modules basic functionallity is sound. Future releases will build on the current functionallity. We will add mailing list support and issue tracking. Please download and help us test.

The coefficient team

Posted by Dylan Etkin 2003-09-29

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