Codestriker 1.9.5 rc1 released

Hi Codestrikers,

Its been a long time coming, but 1.9.5 will be out quite soon. You
can download 1.9.5rc1 from the usual download site, as linked from I've pasted in the changelog at the end of
this email.

The pages have been slightly re-designed with a new look and feel,
plus source-code syntax highlighting at long last is available. Check
the codestriker.conf file for more details.


* Syntax highlighting is now supported using the highlight package from Check the codestriker.conf file for
configuration. Many thanks to Nikita V. Borodikhin
<> for all his assistance in implementing
this feature.

* Allow the ability to specify just a filename (for the module field)
and a revision number (for the start or end tag) to create a review
for a specific version of a file in a subversion repository.

* Fixed database code which was preventing user metrics being updated
under SQL Server.

* Make sure the email subject field properly encodes underscores and
question marks. Submitted by

* Only require Authen::SASL as a pre-requisite if SMTP authentication
is needed. For some deployments, installing Authen::SASL can be

* Support for TestDirector as a supported bug tracking system.
Submitted by

* Support for creating reviews by just entering the bug IDs, and
retrieving the data from Scmbug.
Submitted by

* Make sure if an invalid CGI parameter value is specified that its
value is encoded when displaying the generic error page. Reported

* Make sure very long filenames don't move the diff display far to the
right of the view topic page. Fix suggested by

* The edit comment page has been updated so that the topic name is
linked back to the associated view topic page.

* Added support for LXR 0.9.5, which renamed the database tables to
contain an lxr_ prefix by default. Support for older LXR databases
will still work by default. LXR entities are now rendered in black text,
the same as program code, but an underline is shown when hovered over.

* Updated the Subversion diff parser so that it correctly identifies new
files, rather than treating them as modified files.

* Removed the "View with minimal screen width" / "View with minimal
link break" options from the view topic screen. If the browser window
is not wide enough, a horizontal scrollbar will appear.

* Provided the ability to create topics for a specific changeset from
a Perforce repository, from Alis McCutcheon <>.
For example, //depot/src/tools/unittests/python/ can be set
as the module name, and 12736 (the changeset number) can be set
in either the start or end tag field.

* Updated the Codestriker CSS file significantly based on the work by
Kannan Goundan <>. Also changed the
appearance of the application to give it a more modern look.

* Can now comment on any line of any file in the review, not just those
that are a part of the diff file.

Posted by David Sitsky 2008-06-26

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