Codestriker 1.9.4 released

Codestriker 1.9.4 has been released with the following changes since 1.9.3:

* Emit a javascript warning if the external javascript files could
not be loaded. This usually occurs due to apache misconfiguration.

* Allow subversion repositories that communicate using the Subversion
protocol to be specified in @valid_repositories as
'svn://my.subversion.server/repos/product/trunk' rather than

* Support subversion diff files which contain "Copied:" entries.

* Improved patch file parsing for handling binary file changes.

* Ensure emails sent contain the header "MIME-Version: 1.0" for
RFC2045 conformance. Submitted by Vadim Zeitlin

* CSS cleanups from Kannan Goundan <>.

* Bottom coloured row on topic list screen didn't extend across full
width of browser window if bug-tracking or custom comment metrics
were defined. This has now been fixed.

* Place a clear divider between comment blocks on the view topic
comments screen, as suggested by Nikita V. Borodikhin
<> to minimise confusion.

* The topic comments tab count would incorrectly display the number
of comment threads rather than the number of comments, when viewing
the topic text. This has now been fixed.

* Handle Subversion files which contain @ in the filename.

* Codestriker now behaves correctly under mod_perl when retrieving
data externally from an SCM system, such as when the Parallel link
is clicked, or when a topic is created directly from the SCM.

* Creating Subversion topics directly from the SCM now works correctly
in non-English locales.

* When calculating metrics, make sure email addresses are handled in
a case-insensitive manner. Also remove trailing/leading whitespace
from the addresses.

* Handle topic text that starts with the UTF-8 BOM.

* Workaround for invalid diff files generated by Subversion in a Chinese
locale. See
for more information.

* Handle the different text types that may be present in a Perforce diff.
Submitted by Russell Cattelan <>.

* Defined the "noconnection" option for $bug_db in codestriker.conf
so that it is possible to define what bug IDs are associated with
a topic, without updating an actual bug database when the topic
is created/closed. If $bugtracker is defined in codestriker.conf,
then links will be created on the topic properties screen to the
associated bug records. Submitted by Russell Cattelan

* Handle ClearCase diffs which contain "Directories are identical"
lines in them. Submitted by Steve Kinsman

* Support for using the ClearCase dynamic view under Windows.
Submitted by Steve Kinsman <>.

Posted by David Sitsky 2007-10-02

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