Codestriker 1.9.2 released

Latest stable release of Codestriker with unicode support and lots of other goodness:

* Codestriker now works with UTF-8 text, to support unicode character
input for topic titles, descriptions, comment text, and project
names and descriptions. This required making Perl 5.8 as a
pre-requisite, as Perl 5.6 doesn't cut the mustard for unicode

* Created a new optional configuration parameter $repository_name_map
in codestriker.conf. This allows for a user-defined repository name
to be displayed in the codestriker UI, rather than the full
repository URL. This can be useful for hiding potentially sensitive
username/password information that might be a part of the repository
URL. See the codestriker.conf file for more information.
Submitted by Edwin Fine <>.

* New repository module for linking to ClearCase dynamic views. See
the configuration file and/or manual for example configurations.
Submitted by Avinandan Sengupta <>.

* Modified the way Perforce retrieves files from the depot, as servers
set with a security level of 2 or above were not receiving password
information. This has been addressed by modifying the command line
to explictly pass in the password rather than the client workspace
name, which is ignored for these security levels. The repository
configuration for Perforce has also been changed to use the password
in place of the client workspace name. Perforce users should update
their configuration files appropriately. Submitted by
J Dickon Glanville <>.

* Update CVS diff parser to handle rdiffs which have new/removed files
in them.

* Creating a topic with an invalid bug ID is now shown as an error to
the user on the create topic screen.

* If there was an error creating a topic, the selected project name
was not retained when the create topic screen was redisplayed. This
has now been fixed.
Submitted by Edwin Fine <>.

* If there is a problem when a comment is created, the error message
will correctly display in the AJAX'ed window. An example here is if
$mailhost is incorrectly configured.

* If there is an email problem while creating a topic, the error
message is now correctly displayed to the end-user.

* Fixed problem with Subversion repositories on Win32, where
Codestriker was unable to launch the svn program.

* Comments containing '+' characters were changed into ' ' characters
when posted via AJAX. Other potentially damaging characters are now

* Comments with '\' characters are now displayed correctly in all
cases within the tooltip window.

* Temporary files were not being deleted within the module (used for auto-creation of topics on CVS
commits). Reported by Martin Apel <>.

* Added support for parsing diffs generated using Subversion's svnlook

* Matching of CVS repository paths when parsing topic text is now
case insensitive to account for the different casing returned by the
Window clients: Cygwin and CvsNT.

* Defining new entries in $comment_state_metrics in codestriker.conf
could not be used for existing topics. This has now been fixed.

* Support for sending email via SMTP authentication, via the optional
$mailuser and $mailpasswd configuration parameters in
codestriker.conf. Contributed by "Hertz Wang" <>.

* The ClearCase Snapshot repository was not using the $tmpdir setting
in codestriker.conf if it was set when creating temporary files.
This has now been fixed.
Contributed by "John Farrelly (AT/LMI)" <>.

* Make sure the diffs in the topic are presented in a sorted order by
filename. Some SCMs create topic texts in a "semi-sorted" order,
such as Subversion.
Contributed by "Vladimir Vysotsky" <>.

* Closed topics could still have comments added to them, by hovering
over an existing comment in the topic text view, and then clicking
the "Add Comment" link in the tooltip window. This link has now
been removed if the topic is closed.
Contributed by

* Improved memory usage when integrated with very large LXR databases.
Contributed by Patrick Diamond <>.

* Newer versions of the Subversion client (1.3.2) were returning
warning text that was not parsed correctly. This has now been
fixed. Contributed by Vladimir Sizikov <>.

* Make sure the generated Template Toolkit files are stored in
the web server's temporary directory, or $Codestriker::tmpdir if
that is defined. Previously, the temporary files were being stored
in sub-directories of cgi-bin.

Posted by David Sitsky 2006-08-15

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