Codestriker 1.7.8 Released

* If a badly-formatted repository value from codestriker.conf is used
when creating a topic, report this in a user-friendly manner.

* Report an error if a new topic to be created specifies both the
uploaded file and topic tag fields.

* Fixed bug where selecting multiple states in the search screen
reported an input error.

* HTML escaping for the topic title on the topic confirmation screen,
project information on the projects screens were not working
correctly. Most HTML escaping are now performed within the
templates directly using the html_entity filter.

* In some cases when displaying comment or topic description text,
hyperlinks were not automagically being created. If the text
contains a URL such as, it needs to be rendered for
convenience as <A HREF=""></A>. In
addition, if the text contains a pattern like [Bb]ug \d+ (ie Bug
122), this will be hyperlinked to the appropriate URL of the
bugtracking system, if one has been specified in the Codestriker

* In the view comments screen with context displayed, very long topic
lines would push the "filename:linenumber", "Parallel" and "Add
Comment" links way off to the far right of the page, requiring
horizontal scrolling to see them. Rework the display so that they
are always pushed to the left, regardless of the length of the topic

* Added "Check All"/"Clear All" links in the view comments page for

* If there is an error in sending an email, make sure a descriptive
error message is displayed. Thanks to Jason Remillard
for spotting this.

Posted by David Sitsky 2004-01-20

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