Codestriker 1.7.5 released

* Added in support for parsing VSS diffs, and retrieving file data from a VSS repository. VSS support is not complete yet, as the script for generated the diff text has not been submitted yet.

The following changes below were from Aaron Kardell>:

* Modified unidiff parser so that diffs created with
--show-function-line and --show-c-function can e parsed and displayed in the view topic screen.

* Incoporated script, which can be used for automating the submission of a code review topic from the command line. It also has support for incremental code reviews. See the
script and its help text for more details.

* Added an option to the view topic screen which controls how text is wrapped. This can be useful for reviews with long source code lines.

The following changes below were from Jason Remillard

* The topic view page has been modified so that a non-diff topic makes
better use of screen real-estate.

* Non-diff topic text uploads now include the filename, rather than
just "unknown".

* Turned off more project-specific display that should be hidden when
projects are not enabled.

* Delete topic button moved to topic state option on view topic

* List comments page modified so that it is now possible to filter by
user and/or comment state. It is also possible to show the context
text associated with each comment. This page can now be used as a
form of a printable report, suitable for code inspection meetings.

* Configuration option $allow_comment_email (default true) which
indicates if an email is sent for each comment made. If the Cc
field in the add comment page is filled, an email will be sent to
that address regardless.

* The default page shown by Codestriker is the list of open topics,
rather than all topics in the system.

* Introduced the notion of soft and hard topic text length limits,
specified in the configuration file. By default, the limits are not
set, and therefore not enforced. The rationale is code inspections
become less effective as the size of the review increases. If a
review is longer than the hard limit, the topic will not be created.
If the topic text length is greater than the soft limit, a warning
message is displayed in the view topic page.

Posted by David Sitsky 2013-06-03

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