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Codestriker 1.7.2 released

A number of cleanups which has allowed Codestriker to run on a Windows 98 box with Apache + CVS.

* Modified so that Codestriker can run on a Windows box with a local
CVS repository. See the README file for installation details.
The LXR::Run module is now used for increased portability and
reliability under mod_perl.

* Codestriker has been modified slightly to support mod_perl under
Apache 2.X. See the README file for more information. To support
Apache 2.X, cgi-bin/codestriker.pl is now auto-generated by the
checksetup.pl script and is no longer included in the distribution.

* Accepted patch from Wesley Smith <wesleysmith@users.sourceforge.net>
which replaces CGI::escapeHTML with HTML::Entities::encode. Some
versions of CGI::escapeHTML seem to misbehave.

* Accepted patch from Wesley Smith <wesleysmith@users.sourceforge.net>
to indicate that the topic filename needs to be re-entered if there
is an input-field validation problem in the create topic screen and
a topic text file was specified.

* Fixed out-of-date help message for the "Topic text upload" field
reported by Darryl Okahata <darrylo@soco.agilent.com>.

* Implemented suggestion by Darryl Okahata <darrylo@soco.agilent.com>,
where repositories can be optionally mapped to different LXR
databases, rather than just specifying a single LXR database (as was
the case with previous versions).

This is a minor codestriker.conf syntax change that needs to be
addressed for all upgrades. The old $lxr_db, $lxr_user,
$lxr_password and $lxr_idlookup_base_url variables have now been
replaced by a single $lxr_map variable. See the codestriker.conf
file for more details.

* Fixed minor bug where the filename wasn't being properly retrieved
from a CVS diff when a binary file was being removed.

Posted by David Sitsky 2013-06-03

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