Has there been any discussion about producing diffs in a printable format?

A few people around work have been asking me for the ability to occasionally print diffs from codestriker. Of course the simple answer is that you can using your browser's built in print function. It even looks pretty good. But there are a few things that would make it more "printer friendly".
    I think this could be done without adding a whole printing module, just adding a hyperlink to pages called something a bit shorter than "printer friendly version". People could select this from a multiple-file diff view or a single file diff view. It would simply redisplay the current page with the following modifications:
I was going to work on this myself (because people here at work want it anyway) and then submit proposed changes back to codestriker, but I thought I'd check first to find out if this had been discussed before and if there were strong philosophical views about this being a The Wrong Thing To Do, or something.

Let me know what you think,