Hi Arun;

  Nice question!

  We have the same issue in my team -- the second round is now exercised with cvs diffs in the comment section or a new Codestriker topic is started and the comments from the first topic are disconnected from the comments in the second topic.

Ken Wolcott

On Thu, Sep 24, 2009 at 11:32, Arun Saha <arunksaha@gmail.com> wrote:

We are using codestriker, and are very excited about it. We are using version 1.9.7.

Is there any option to upload a second version of the diff?

The question is coming from the following situation. I create a topic, and upload a version of diff. Reviewers provide some comments. I incorporate the comments and want to upload a second version of diff for reviewers' approval. 


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