Hi David;

  Thank you so much for your reply.

  I will be using this quite a bit from now on.

Ken Wolcott

On Sun, Mar 22, 2009 at 15:27, David Sitsky <david.sitsky@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi Ken,

> How should I compose the diff such that Codestriker will recognize and
> display a diff between "a" and "b" just like it does normally?

Just use the regular diff command on these two files, eg:

diff a.txt b.txt > output.txt

You can then load output.txt as your review topic.

> Secondly how should I concatenate the output of several of such paired diffs
> such that Codestriker will display each filename and the associated
> differences side-by-side?

diff a1.txt b1.txt > output1.txt
diff a2.txt b2.txt > output2.txt
diff a3.txt b3.txt > output3.txt

cat output1.txt output2.txt output3.txt > output.txt

The output.txt file will then have the concatenation of all diffs in a
single file, which you can then upload to Codestriker as a single