□       Codestriker_1.9.0.beta2
□       running on a windows xp box
□       perforce source control
□       mysql db.


When clicking on Line xx or Parallel (in order to view complete old/new files), a new ie window is opened, and it then appears to hang.  I have left it running for 20 minutes before killing it, and nothing is returned.


I probably have a configuration issue, but I have been stumped for a few days.  Originally, I had mis-configured the p4 user, which caused this process to bomb on line 32 of  After fixing the configuration, I know that it makes it past this method in, but I dont know where it hangs up.  The pertinent configurations that Im aware of are in codestriker.conf:

□       Validrepositories = 'perforce:<user>:<client machine>@<p4 server machine>:<p4 port>'
□       $bug_db_host = ';
□       $bug_db_name =;
□       $bug_db_password =;
□       $bug_db_dbname =;
□       $bug_db_user_id =;

Is there somewhere else that I should be looking?

Can someone help me to debug this issue, or give me some ideas for where to look?

Many thanks to David for his initial help with getting my system set up.

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