I wonder if you can help me? I am trying to get CodeStriker to integrate with Visual Source Safe, but I cannot seem to get it working. I have configured Codestriker so it can see the vss command line executables on the local machine and also so it has a reference to the vss repository I want it to work with (my company use VSS and are not willing to move every project over to CVS for the sake of a single tool).
The problems I am experiencing revolve around the fact that I must either enter a module name and tags or reference a file, or (I presume) a module name and file name.
If I enter either one or a pair of "text tags" and a "module" I get a message informing me that text tags aren't supported by vss - I believe "text tags" are the very similar to vss' "labels" but they don't seem to be interoperable.
If I enter a "module" and optionally a file name (into the "text topic upload") Codestriker either tries to upload the file from my machine and ignores the module name (and doesn't use vss) or if I reference a path into vss i.e. "$/MyProject/src" complains that it can't find the file or that I haven't entered any "text tags".
Am I doing something wrong or does Codestriker not support VSS? If it is possible to make it work is it something that is being considered as a feature?
Thanks in advance for your help,